Northeast Campus, Tift County High School

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  1. Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up: Parents dropping-off and picking-up students enter and exit campus from Fulwood Road on the east side of the campus. Students should NOT be dropped off in front of the main school entrance. If parents need to enter the building, they should park in visitors’ parking, not in the driveway itself.
  2. By Bus: Buses enter and exit the campus in front of the main entrance. Buses load and unload at the main entrance. Student/parent vehicles may not enter/exit the bus-zone during school hours. Bus drivers have the same responsibility for the supervision and behavior of the students in their care as do the teachers in the classroom. Student misbehavior, which cannot be handled satisfactorily by the driver, is referred to the principal for disciplinary action. Any conduct that endangers the safety of the students will not be tolerated.
Upon arriving at school, students will report to one of two locations. If you have a class on A or B-Wing, you will report to the commons area. If you have a class on C or D-Wing or in the gym, you will report to the gym after you have eaten breakfast.


Car riders and students that ride an early bus will report outside immediately after the bell. The bus area is on the west side of the building and the car area is on the east side. Those student that ride late buses will report to the gym and will be released when their bus arrives.


To determine which bus your student rides please take a look at the document below.