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Circulation of Books

Please keep up with and bring your ID to keep Checkout as touch free as possible.
Checking Out Books
  • Scan your ID barcode.
  • Scan barcode on back of books.
  • Most books due in 2 weeks, books may be renewed unless on hold for someone else.
Length of Check-Out
  • Most books go out for 2 weeks

Book Check-Out
    • Take book to the circulation desk. 
    • Scan your ID (Please help us stay touch free by scanning your ID)
    • Scan the School Barcode on the back of your book.  (Help us be touch free by scanning your own book)
Book Return
  • Return books to the  book return center at the circulation desk.
  • Scan the School Barcode on the back and place it in/on the book return cart.
  • Books in Book Return will be quarantined for 24 - 76 hours before they can be checked out again. 
Overdue Notice
  • Overdue and fine notices are given to your homeroom teacher.
  • If you get a notice, you must come to the library and take care of the problem.
  • A lost book fine of $25 will be charged for any book not returned in a timely manner. 
  • Damaged books will be charged a fine of $25. 
  • You must have all paperwork completed and turned in to receive a Chromebook.
  • Anything used to personalize or put on your Chromebook must be able to be removed (by you) at the end of the year without damaging the Chromebook.  
  • You must charge your Chromebook fully before school each day.
  • Document Chromebook issues in the Media Center on the library sign in.
  • Acer Loaners (Light Grey) must be returned to the Library at the end of the day.
  • TIG Loaners (if your Chromebook is being repaired, Dark Grey) will be kept until your Chromebook comes back repaired. 
  • We will call you from class when your Chromebook is back from being repaired. 
  • Online only students will need to call the Chromebook Hotline for Chromebook Issues 229-387-2404.
  • Online only students will still need to come to the Media Center to have Chromebooks sent off for repair.
  • Online only students will need to provide a working phone # where they can be contacted when their Chromebook is back from being repaired.