Library and Media Center

The library belongs to every person in the building. This is a place where you can find books (naturally), read, study, explore ,or  use the computers.

If you are expecting a quiet, boring place, you will be surprised. The library is where things get done and that seldom happens quietly.

Book Reviews

Click here for the Writing a Book Review paragraph frame sheet. 
To review a book in Destiny Discover: 
  1. Click on the Destiny Discover link in Classlink. 
  2. Make sure you are logged in by looking in the top right to see if it has an avatar or login on it. 
  3. Find the book you are wanting to review using the search bar and click on it to pull the details box
  4. On the details box click on Review at the bottom and add review. Screen Shot of Details box
  5. Type your review and choose the # of stars you wish to award. You can use this document to help you write a detailed review. Writing a Book Review 
  6. Click Submit Review. (You will only see your book review after it has been approved by Mrs. Bishoff)
  7. Go see Mrs. Bishoff or Mrs. Dickey to get your candy and or prize for approved Book Reviews.