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Directions for logging onto your Chromebook if you have not previously changed your password.
  1. Login as guest on your Chromebook or go to a different computer/device (You can even do this on your mobile browser on your phone). Go to
  2. Enter the username and password you used last year (Username: Lunch Number; Password: You created).
    1. If you forgot your password click “Forgot My Password” on the login screen.
    2. If you are new to the system, your Username will be your lunch number and your Password should be your first initial last initial and lunch number.
  3. If you have not changed your password already:
    1. Click “Profiles” on the sidebar navigation menu.
    2. Click “Change Password”. Make sure to your password includes 3 of the four requirements listed. Your password cannot include your name or birthday.
  4. Update your Challenge Questions - This is VERY IMPORTANT, in case you forget your password.
    1. Click “Profiles” on the sidebar navigation menu.
    2. Click “Update Challenge Questions”
    3. Pick 4 of the many questions and answer them.
      1. Make sure to pick questions that will not change. For example, your favorite teacher may change from year to year.
    4. Click “Save” once you have answered four questions.
  5. Logout of Guest if you are on your Chromebook.
  6. Login to your Chromebook
    1. Username: (ie
    2. Password: The password you just created.
  7. If you cannot login to your Chromebook reread these directions and then go to one of the Change Password stations or teachers for help.
GALILEO Password can be located on your Infinite Campus page.