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PPT Concept 3 Vocabulary Terms

  1. Apply

  2. Apply to All

  3. clip properties

  4. codec

  5. keywords

  6. handouts

  7. Normal view

  8. On Click

  9. Play across slides

  10. recolor

  11. red marker

  12. Loop until Stopped

  13. green marker

  14. slide master

  15. Slide Sorter view

  16. thumbnails

  17. Trim Video

  18. ungroup

PPT Concept 2 Vocabulary Terms

Shapes Gallery

Color Scheme

Word Art

Background Color

Bevel Edge



Fill Effects

Solid Fill

Gradient Fill

Format Painter


PPT Concept 1 Vocabulary Words

  1. landscape orientation

  2. Normal view

  3. promoting

  4. demoting

  5. slide show view

  6. slide transition

  7. tabs pane

  8. Title Slide

  9. Presentation Software

  10. Outline Tab

  11. Slides Tab

  12. Thumbnails

  13. Slide Pane

  14. Notes Pane

  15. Placeholder

  16. Slide Layout

  17. Document Theme/Design Theme

FBLA Fall Leadership in Athens

FBLA Fall Leadership in Athens


Dates: November 18 and 19


Estimated Cost $80 ($30 due 10/13/2014 remaining $50 due 10/24/2014)


Registration fee $50. Includes 1 lunch and a t-shirt.


Hotel Costs estimated $30. We are still waiting to hear which hotel we were assigned.  Hotel prices range from $86 to $162 a night. There will be 4 people in a room. This price based on the average room price of $120.


Meals and Money: Students will need money for 3 meals (lunch on the way to Athens at food court in mall, supper that night, supper on the way home). FBLA will provide lunch Wednesday (included in registration fee). We are assuming the hotel will have a free breakfast. We usually have supper in Athens at a steakhouse type restaurant. We will also stop at a convenience store for restroom breaks.  


Dress Code: Students are expected to be professionally dressed for both the rally Tuesday evening and Wednesday. Girls are not allowed to wear show with both open-toe and open back. They may wear one or the other. Girls are to wear a nice blouse which is not revealing, dress slacks or a skirt. No skirts/dresses shorter than knee length, legging type pants, or excessively tight clothing allow.  Boys must wear a professional style tie, button down shirt, and slacks. No tennis shoes, slides, sandals, or non-dress shoes will be allowed for either girls or boys during the activities. Students may dress comfortably for the bus rides, but please make sure clothing is appropriate for a school sponsored trip. If students do not dress appropriately they will be asked to leave the conference by FBLA officials.


Shirt Size:_________________________ (runs small)


I am sorry for the last minute information. Thank you for understanding.


Letter Format  and Indent Test 9/29/14 (no notes)

Word Concept 3 Vocabulary and Sam exam 9/30/14 (open notes)

Perry NI Forms

If you paid to attend the Fall Leadership Rally in Perry please come see Mrs. Busbin to pick up your NI forms.

Word Concept 3 Vocabulary Words

  1. adjustment handle (WD 144)
  2. border (WD 160)
  3. building block (WD 171)
  4. cell (WD 176)
  5. clear formatting (WD 161)
  6. clip art (WD 148)
  7. Clip Organizer (WD 148)
  8. column boundary (WD 181)
  9. complimentary close (WD 167)
  10. date line (WD 167)
  11. dimension (WD 176)
  12. drawing object (WD 142)
  13. end-of-cell mark (WD 177)
  14. end-of-row mark (WD 177)
  15. floating object (WD 147)
  16. inline object (WD 147)
  17. inside address (WD 167)
  18. letterhead (WD 140)
  19. message (WD 167)
  20. nonbreaking hyphen (WD 175)
  21. nonbreaking space (WD 175)
  22. rotate handle (WD 144)
  23. row boundary (WD 181)
  24. salutation (WD 167)
  25. signature block (WD 167)
  26. tab character (WD 168)
  27. tab stop (WD 168)
  28. table (WD 176)
  29. table resize handle (WD 181)

FBLA T-Shirt

FBLA T-Shirts are now on sale. If you would like a shirt please come see me in room C-2 to pick up an order form. They are $12 each. Orders are due October 3, 2014.