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2/27/2015 Lesson

Look Up and Define All Vocabulary Words

Complete Heartland Tractor Letterhead and Letter (2 Documents)

Complete Word Concept 3 Training


Missing Work

Please make sure you have all of your missing work submitted. Students who have missing work will not hear the guest speaker tomorrow.
Georgia Premier Services is a payroll company here in Tifton, GA. Along with payroll, they also assist clients in fulfilling their staffing needs.

Support your school and earn extra credit. Submit a valid Harveys Rewards Key Number by 2/20/2015 to Mrs. Busbin to replace your lowest grade with a 100.


Week of 2/16/2015

Vocabulary Test 2/18/2015
SAM Exam 2/20/2015
Word Concept 2 Packet 2/20/2015
If you have missing work please submit it today. Friday 2/13/2015 was provided to complete missing work. Also a portion of 2/17/2015 was allotted for completion of missing work. Report cards go home March 19.

Friday 2/6/2015

Define Word Concept 2 Vocabulary

Complete Word Concept 2 Clock in

Word Concept 2 Training in SAM

**COMPLETE SAM Word Concept 1 exam 1st if you did not do it yesterday**

Word Concept 2 Vocabulary

American Psychological Association –

AutoCorrect –

Automatic Page Breaks –

Bibliographical List –

Copying –

Cutting –

Double-Space –

Endnote –

First-Line Indent –

Footer –

Footnote –

Hanging Indent –

Hard Page Break –

Header –

Left Indent Marker –

Line Spacing –

Manual Page Break –

Modern Language Association of America –

Normal Style –

Note Reference Mark –

Office Clipboard –

Pasting –

Research Paper –

Shortcut Keys –

Soft Page Breaks –

Thesaurus –

Works Cited Page –

Monday 2/2/2015 Lesson

Use the files in the homework section to complete the word screen graphic organizer. Look through the textbook to help you label each section of the screen. (You will be tested over  the scree Wednesday without notes)
Create a flyer of your choice (not Found/Lost Dog)
  • Head Line
  • Picture
  • Message Body
  • Signature Line (include your real name and fake phone #)
  • Page Boarder
  • Bulleted List
Answer the LEQ from the Check of List
Begin working on Studying all Night in SAM
  • Download and save the SAM instructions How to complete a SAM Project
  • Download/Save/Change name of Sam project file (if not it will take off points)
  • Make sure you read and follow directions. This will go in the grade book. Sam takes off for every error even spelling and spacing. Take your time and do it right.
Complete/Print/Staple  word concept 1 packet--Neatly and in Order
Concept and Vocabulary Test Thursday. Take the Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Documents with Pictures Exam SAM Path to see if you are ready for the exam.