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Assignments for 10/9/2015

If you did not complete the vocabulary please located the PDF file on this website and retype the words. (Don't try to submit my own words to me. You must type them yourself Update: This file was removed. You can get them from me Monday.).
The clock in for this unit in a Google form link on this website also.
Log into SAM and work to complete all trainings and projects. Vocabulary test over all words Tuesday. This unit is due Wednesday.

Bonus Items

Make flash cards to use on vocabulary test (get to use for 10 minutes on test). ******Flash cards must be turned to teacher.
Make a study "guide" for the Word Screen using Zaption or EdPuzzle for 10 bonus points. Must give to instructor in class Monday. (Optional).

Word Concept 4 Vocabulary

Address Block merge field

data field

data record

data source



field name

GreetingLine merge field

Mail Merge task pane

main document

merge field characters

merge fields


My Data Sources

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