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Students Attend FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference

November 15th, 16th, and 17th Elizabeth Connell Tift County High School FBLA Chapter President and EmmaLee Daniels Northeast Middle School FBLA representative traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) National Fall Leadership Conference along with Adviser Melissa BusbinThis trip is part of the activities need to complete the America level BAA (Business Achievement Award) and Nonstop November Chapter Challenge. The BAA has 4 levels: Future, Business, Leader, and lastly the America level. Elizabeth Connell of TCHS has complete the first three levers. “I completed my first two levels my freshman and the second my sophomore year of high school and have been working the past few months to finish the very in depth America Level” Connell saidThe main reason I would like to finish the last level of my BAA is because I would be the first at Tift County High School to do so. I also worked hard to finish the other 3 levels, so I thought I should complete it because I have put some much effort in to the program already” she continued“This is a great opportunity for me to help build the new chapter at NEMS”, Daniels said,” with the change in our school system we had to charter a new chapter. Everything we do this year is a first for us.” 

At the conference members had the opportunity to meet FBLA members from all over the nation and learn multiple new leadership skills, business skills, and also how to improve plan for the future. During the opening session of the conference motivational speaker n Brandon Lee White give a speech on how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from being successful. He told his personal experience of how he wanted to be a professional basketball player, but hated running; and how he overcame that hatred of running. He also told us how when he was younger he had a speech impediment that was so bad that no one could understand what he was saying. He mentioned how the speech impediment was keeping him from having a normal, fun childhood, but he overcame it by attending speech classes and never giving up. 

 The conference included workshops that taught multiple different life lessons from learning to “Lead Like a Zebra” to competition preparation sessions. One of the workshops the two attended was called $120,000 for college? … In this workshop the members we educated on how to avoid student loans/pay them off quickly and how to work for a more successful college experience. The leader of the workshop had us play a game where we were each given a piece of paper that had a sentence that described our hypothetical personality” Elizabeth said. For example, one paper slip of paper read “You get all A’s, but cheat on every testEach attendee had a slip of paper we had to go around the room and create groups of 5 people that they felt they would get along, to represent a college friend group. This game was supposed to show us how to recognize personality signs of people that we should be avoiding and people we should see as good influences,” said Connell and Daniels