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Youth Empowerment Series

Brief overview: During the sessions, we will introduce the services offered by the Department of Human Services. Students will hear from representatives that work in areas such as the Division of Aging Services, the Division of Child Support Services, and the Division of Family and Children Services. Then, students will be given a chance to provide their input and insight on these services. Overall, the program is composed of several workshops centered on youth development and engagement, such as goal setting, public speaking, resume building and community service activities. The core values underlying this program seek to provide youth with a blue print to implement change in their community. Students in the program will provide their input on issues, develop as leaders and build workforce skills. Through career panels, networking and participation, students in the program will gain exposure to policy and understand how the Department of Human Services serves Georgians’ needs. 


For more information, the program details are on this site -


Please note: The applications close on May 31, and the application can be found here -