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Teen Maze is Coming!

During the Maze, students do not actually have a choice about the decisions that they “make” but rather they will draw cards, roll dice, and spin a wheel to learn their next move in this game.  The topics involved could be related to drugs, alcohol and sexual involvement; “good or bad news” could be the consequence.  Students who draw cards that say they’ve avoided drugs, alcohol and/or sexual involvement are “rewarded”; others learn the potential consequences of their “choice”:  loss of freedom, medical problems, pregnancy, adoption, Sexual Transmitted Diseases and possibly death. 

Since paths are randomly assigned, no two students will have the same experience (much as in real life).  Students will be given a “life book” to document their journey.  At the end of the game, each student will have an exit interview with a counselor to talk about his/her feelings and experience in the game. They will be reminded that in real life they have control over the choices they make.