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Student Council Elections

1.  There will be an informational meeting in my room on August 8th at 7:30.
2.  Paperwork is available in the front office for interested students but they still must attend the informational meeting.
3.  All paperwork must be turned in by August 12, 2016. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any applications turned in after this date will not be considered.
4.  Those ELIGIBLE to run will be confirmed and announced by me in a list outside my door and on the website IF you want to post it.  (I'll leave that up to your discretion.)
5.  Those eligible can begin their candidacy on August 17-19.
6.  Voting will be open on  Thursday August 18th and will close on Friday  Aug.19th.
7.  Winners will be announced on Monday August 22nd via intercom and website