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NEC Government Students Visit Capitol

Government teacher Karla Wiley, says "Each trip to the capitol is a new experience. Not only for myself but for my students who get to see the importance of a representative democracy and get to ask the questions with responses directly from their representatives. We are so thankful that our representatives and senator along with their staff for always making sure that our students have a trip to remember.
Many of these students have never been to the capitol or even Atlanta and have a great time and enjoy the experience that most people never get to do."
This trip the students got to meet Rep. Penny Houston, Rep. Sam Watson, Rep. Clay Pirkle and Sen. Gerg Kirk. The legislators spent about 45 mins discussing everything from what committees they serve on to what they do for the rest of the year when they are not in session.
NEC student Houger Torres said this was his favorite part of the trip, getting to go on the House floor and talk directly with the representatives about how the government works.
During our time with them they also discussed the REACH program, 12 vocational occupations that are fully funded by the state and how budgeting will be effecting classified staff in education.
Amber Gibbs a teacher from NEC says, "I was impressed with the amount of time our state representatives took up with the teachers and students at Northeast Campus TCHS. They were informative and transparent about their roles and responsibilities to the people and encouraged students to utilize them in the future with ideas or specific needs seen in Tift County."
Students were also taken to the House floor by the representatives and given a one of a kind in depth look at how and why the House works.In addition to seeing the legislative chambers the students went to the 4th floor to the Capitol Museum where they were able to stroll the exhibits and learn about the capitol and the legislative history that has helped to shape Georgia and American politics and policy.
These students then toured the capitol, from the Executive Floor and from standing under the dome at the center of the capitol to the two headed snake in the museum. They asked lots of questions and even took pictures with the Lady Freedom replica.
NEC student Brayden Goeppinger was excited to speak with Rep. Clay Pirkle and have his picture taken with him in the museum. "It is a valuable experience for students to have seen the legislative process at work.
As a department we are grateful for the support of Mr. Haskins and Superintendent Atwater in allowing us to travel to Atlanta for the trip" says Bobby Earls, American Government teacher from NEC.