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Honors Biology Georgia Milestones

I have attached a Biology Study Guide (released August 2015) and the test content weights. Please print this out, and have your child read the study guide, highlight the study guide, and make flashcards from the study guide.
All Georgia Milestones account for 20% of your child's overall course average.
For example:
Semester Average          91 (X 0.8) = 72.8
GA Milestone grade        80 (X 0.2) = 16.0
Final Course Average  =            88.8
--20% doesn't seem like much, but for those students whose averages "straddle the fence," a mediocre milestone grade could cost them a letter grade.
--Also, for those students who want Superior Honors and/or Honors, Fall Semester grades will carry the MOST weight toward their academic standing.
---Mrs. Marzen, Science Dept. Head