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News and Announcements

2020 7th Grade Boys Basketball Team

Congratulations to the following for making the 7th grade boys basketball team:
Javontay Wesley
JaQuavious Wilson
Nicholas Morgan
Osario Brewton
James Morris
Corey Howard
Dilianjan Office
Karmari Holloman
Davieon Dixon
Benjamin Hill
Ethan Shivers
Damieon Dixon
Zyere Deshazer
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2020 8th Grade Boys Basketball Team

Congratulations to these young men for making the 8th grade boys basketball team:
Devin Barret
Jamarcus Ming
Jevyis Pettiford
Jalen White
Jaden Nelson
Rylan Pearman
Devin Gibson
Adrian Golson
Javion Woodard
Tovokyo Adams
Kameron Bateman
Maquavion Bell
Ahmadre Woods
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Purpose Prep Activites

Parent and student Resources: October is National Bullying Month -Red Ribbon Week Activities

Week eight: October 23, 2020-October 28-2020
The students will cover additional bullying lessons from These will deal with topics on how to deal with a bully and what to do to handle bullying in your school. These videos define bullying, victim, bystander, and show how one can intervene in a positive manner to help those in their school who are being targeted.
Watch Web Episode 1 https: //
Answer Questions:
Why do you think KB did not want to go to school?
Have you ever been the new kid at school on the first day?
How did you feel?
Why do you think Cassandra called KB a freak, was this an appropriate way to speak to her?
How could she have handled her running into her?
How could KB have handled Cassandra’s rude comment toward her?
Was this bullying? Why or Why not?

Watch Web Episode 2
Answer Questions:
How did Senorita Ortega react when Milton stated he had been picked on by some guys at school?
How many different ways was Milton bullied at school?
If Milton tries to ignore Brick, do you think the bullying will stop?
How do you think Senorita Ortega can help Milton?

Week nine: October 30, 2020-November 4, 2020
MS-10-Learning about Drugs-This lesson will cover how to information about drug use and abuse. It will discuss the effects drugs have on the body and mind and how it can cause long term damage. It will discuss how it can damage your relationships. The videos will discuss the dangers of vaping and the destruction it can cause to the lungs. Lastly, it will discuss how one can get help with drug problems.
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November 2nd Curbside Meal Pickup

Click here to sign up for the Curbside Meal Pickup for Online Learners. Pickup will be Monday, October 26th from 4pm - 6pm at the back of Eighth Street Middle School. *Please enter from 6th Street.
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Red Ribbon Week Meme Contest

Student's were asked to create a meme in the Create a Meme Against Drugs Contest!
1st place-Jaxson Huges-7th grade
2nd place-Taliyah Pittman-Tift Academy
3rd place-Jennifer Gomez-6th grade
Thank you to all that entered.
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7th & 8th Grade Ladies Basketball Teams

Congratulations to the following ladies for making the final rosters for the 7th and 8th grade basketball teams:
7th Grade 8th Grade
Shur’kiyah Fowler Marlenie Preciado
Jaziyah Johnson Melody Hughes
Jayla Horton Nadia Kennedy
Miyuanna Neloms Za’Rya Williams
Amiyah Buckholts Zyqrria Williams
Mariyah Batts Maikya Roberts
Jykerrian Deshazer Caroline Dotson
Ra’mya Watts. Debraysiah Doward
Mckenzie Brewton Michiah Chandler
Jazlin Martinez Dasha’nae Thomas
Yari Joiner Jimmya Cushion
Morgan Brey Makayla Bryant
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